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Ericsson Telecomunicazioni SpA  (ERC)

Energy Storage Solutions srl (FIA

HTceramix SA (HTC)

Bonfiglioli Vectron (VEC)

Instytut Energetyki (IEN)

Haute Ecole Spécialisée de Suisse Occidentale (HES)



The CNR-ITAE institute (National research Council of Italy – Institute for Advanced energy Technologies "Nicola Giordano") was founded in 1980. CNR-ITAE is officially recognized as a Non-Profit Organisation.

The main part of  ITAE research activity can be related to skill areas such as catalysis, electrocatalysis and enginery of energetic processes and systems. In this framework specific skills were developed in the sectors reported below:

  • Fuel cells and electrochemical energy conversion devices Electrocatalysts
    Synthesis and development of electrocatalysts for fuel cells and electrolysers
  • Hydrogen and advanced fuel processing catalysts
    Synthesis and development of catalysts and catalytic reactors for hydrogen production from conventional fuels and biofuels.
    Synthesis and development of catalysts and catalytic reactors for advanced fuel production
  • High and low temperature Fuel cells
    Development, design, and manufacture of PEFC, DAFC, MCFC SOFC cells and stacks
  • Fuel cells components
    Synthesis and development of electrodes, electrolytes, assemblies (MEAs) for PEFC, MCFC, and SOFC fed with hydrogen, alcohols or hydrocarbons
  • Energy storage and conversion Materials for adsorption heat pumps
    Materials for hydrogen storage and adsorption
  • Material and components for Batteries and supercapacitors
    Synthesis and development of materials for batteries and supercapacitors
    Design and electrochemical tests on prototypes
  • Materials for selective membranes
    Synthesis and development of functionalized polymers for ion-selective membranes
    Synthesis and development of inorganic membranes for gas separation
  • Electrochemical photovoltaic cells materials
    Synthesis and development of electrodes and electrolyte materials for third generation photovoltaic cells
  • Modelling and simulation for processes, components and systems Numerical simulation based on finite element method
    Computational fluid dynamics, modelling of fuel cells, hydrogen production, and hydrogen storage
  • Heat Pump Systems
    Development and test of adsorption heat pump prototypes
  • Demonstrative fuel cell systems for automotive and stationary applications
    Design, development and test of demonstrative systems based on fuel cell technology for automotive and stationary applications
  • Demonstrative systems for hydrogen production
    Design, development and test of unit for hydrogen production from renewable energy and biofuel based on reforming technology
  • Systems for hydrogen electrochemical production
    Development and test of electrolyzers
  • Equipment and technics of measure
    Characterization of materials and test of components and systems
    Design and development of test stations and equipments for test
  • Energetic evaluations of systems for building and territorial applications
    Energetic analysis of complex systems such as buildings, communes and regions

In the field of SOFC fuel cells, the activity has been focused on development of catalysts for direct oxidation of dry methane, ceramic electrolytes for intermediate temperature operation and SOFC mini-stack. In the last years, about 5 patents have been made in cooperation with Industry in the field of SOFC.
The CNR-ITAE has coordinated previous European programmes (e.g. JOU2-CT93-0290, "Theoretical and Experimental Studies for a Compact H2 Generator, via Catalytic Selective Partial Oxidation of CH4, integrated with second generation Fuel Cells". 1993-1995) and it is presently coordinator of a number of National projects on fuel cells.
CNR-ITAE was also involved as partner in various recent EC projects concerning with hydrogen and fuel cells: GREEN AIR Contract no. 233862; AUTOBRANE Contract no.: 020074; MOREPOWER (SES6-CT-2003-502652); NEMECELL (JOE3-CT97-063); DREAMCAR (ENK6-CT-2000-00315).

The CNR-ITAE is a N.ERGHY Research Grouping member.
The CNR-ITAE is coordinator of the following active European projects:

  • ETRERA - Empowering Tunisian Renewable Energy Research Activities (Call REGPOT-2009-2)
  • ELECTROHYPEM – Enhanced performance and cost-effective materials for long-term operation of PEM water electrolysers coupled to renewable power sources (Call FCH-JU-2011-1, no. 300081)


efceco (erdle fuel cell and energy consulting) is a small SME with a vast background and 30 years plus experience in all kind of fuel cells, hydrogen and related issues as well as in management of big international R&D projects. efceco was founded by Dr. Erich Erdle in 2006. Since then it performed various consulting projects related to hydrogen and fuel cells, primarily in the aeronautic industry, but also for e.g. strategy reviewing at institutes. Dr. Erdle is also working for the European Commission as an expert.
efceco is in charge of the technical management of the FP7 project GreenAir on alternative hydrogen generation from jet fuel and the FCH JU project S-U-A-V which aims at a mini unmanned aerial vehicle powered by micro-tubular sofc fuelled by propane.

Ericsson Telecomunicazioni SpA  (ERC)

Ericsson Telecomunicazioni SpA is the Italian subsidiary of LM Ericsson, the world’s largest supplier of network equipment and related services to telecom operators, Ericsson has over 104.525 employees and customers in more than 175 countries. Innovation, technology leadership and sustainable business solutions advance a vision to be the prime driver in an all-communicating world. Long-term relationships with all major operators result in Ericsson serving well over 40 percent of all mobile subscribers. Ericsson manages a number of operator-owned networks with, altogether, 250 million subscribers globally. The Sony Ericsson joint venture is a major supplier of feature-rich mobile phones.
Ericsson is organized in 10 different Market Units plus R&D and staff functions.
Ericsson Telecomunicazioni SpA is the Head Quarter of Market Unit Region Mediterranean, a Market Unit that includes 25 countries with 325 million inhabitants: Albania, Algeria, Andorra, Bulgaria, Cyprus, France, FYROM, Gilbratar, Greece, Israel, Italy, Libya, Malta,  Mauritania, Moldova, Montenegro, Morocco, New Caledonia, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Spain, Tunisia, Vatican.
Ericsson is promoting Environmental Sustainability to all Telecommunication Operators.
Fuel cell solution is part of the Ericsson’s product portfolio, with many other solution like solar panels, wind turbines, low consumption equipments etc. that represent our proposal in this area.
In Market Unit Region Mediterranean Ericsson has started promoting Fuel Cells technology since 2009 as showed by many trials executed in different countries, like Italy and Greece.

Ericsson has joined many projects funded from European Community (EU).
In the area of fuel cell, Ericsson Telecomunicazioni SpA is the Driver of the funded project FCPOWEREDRBS, that is in the Subprogramme area SP1- JTI-FCH.2010.4.2.

The project goal is the demonstration of industrial application readiness of fuel cell generators for power supply to off-grid stations, including the hydrogen supply solution.

Other funded projects in the area of Sustainability/Energy Efficiency are:
- ERICSSON ESPANA S.A.: ADDRESS project -Subprogramme area ENERGY-2007-7.1-01
- ERICSSON Telecomunicazioni SpA: ECONET - FP7  - Subprogramme ICT-2009.1.1 The Network of the Future.

FIAMM Energy Storage Solutions srl (FIA)

FIAMM SpA is an Italian company  with a global industrial presence in the automotive and energy storage businesses. Founded in 1942, nowadays Fiamm is a world leader for the production of starter batteries , car horns and industrial batteries. With more than 3000 employees Fiamm runs nine manufacturing plants in Europe, China, North and South America and has a network of commercial offices and sales representative all around the world.  Among the customers of Fiamm can be mentioned all the major car manufacturers, the telecom companies and the lager utilities. The headquarter of the company is located in Vicenza (Italy) together with the Group main research center for the development of energy storage systems.
Beside the lead-acid batteries, Fiamm has started to work on the Sodium-Nickel Chloride batteries since 2006 and in 2010 has acquired Fz-Sonick, now Fiamm-Sonick, the first company to produce on an industrial scale Sodium-Nickel Chloride batteries at its manufacturing plant in Stabio (CH). On December 2012  a new sister company named Fiamm Energy Storage Solutions and placed in Montecchio Maggiore  -VI - was set up  . The main goal of FESS is to design, assembly and distribute energy storage system for on and off grid application. 

Fiamm is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of energy storage systems for telecom applications with an experience  of more than 40 years in this business. Fiamm, besides its traditional lead-acid batteries, is introducing an new energy storage technology for telecom applications based on the Sodium-Nickel Chloride battery chemistry. Fiamm has recently developed a 48V battery range for telecom back-ip applications.

HTceramix SA (HTC)

HTceramix SA is a dynamic and rapidly progressing engineering company in the field of high temperature electroceramic membrane reactors, e.g. fuel cells and electrolysers. The SME company provides engineering and prototyping services to third party customers.
HTc focuses its activities on market and product development; its competence in system integration of the in-house developed SOFC power module, the HoTbox™, gives it a competitive advantage when establishing partnerships with large OEM companies in the combined heat and power market. Based on the core competences in SOFC system development.
This spin-off activity results from more than 10 years of dedicated research in the field of SOFC at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL). For the industrialization of its products on the way to mass production, HTc has entered a partnership with SOFCpower S.R.L. in Trento, Italy.

HTc played an active and dynamising role in Real-SOFC, Flame-SOFC and SOFC 600 and coordinates the ADEL project, focusing on ADvanced ELectrolysis. and knows well the results of those projects that will partly build the base for further material development and integration. In all 3 projects HTc also shared the management responsibilities and gained thereby experience in collaborating with multiple European partners within the same project.

HTceramix SA was also involved as partner in various recent EC projects: REAL-SOFC, FLAME SOFC, SOFC600, FCTESqa, ADEL, ASSENT, GENIUS, Asterix3

Bonfiglioli Vectron (VEC)

Bonfiglioli Vectron is a company located in Krefeld - Germany designing, producing, selling and servicing power electronic products and more specifically AC/AC and DC/AC automation drives and power conversion units for industrial automation and renewable energy conversions purpose in the range of 0,75 kW to 1400 kW.
The company was started nearly 30 years ago as power converter unit design centre for Schlafhorst Gmbh worldwide leader in textile machineries. In year nineties the unit was spinned off as a company under the name Vectron Electronik Gmbh and then sold to Bonfiglioli Riduttori SpA in 2001.
Since then the range of product has widened and opened to various filed sector. First experiences with renewable energies started in year 2003 with the first small PV plants and small wind turbine.

Today the company is more than 100 employees with a high focus towards energy efficient solutions and renewable and alternative energy power conversion units. Such businesses, thanks to the consolidated international organisation of Bonfiglioli, have now a high international relevance.

Instytut Energetyki (IEN)

Instytut Energetyki (Institute of Power Engineering) is one of the largest institutes in Poland conducting research on energy technology. The Institute was established in 1953 and currently employs over 500 people. The Institute consists of the Central Unit in Warsaw and several branches in Poland. The Institute provides research, development and expert services for the energy sector (including the development of new machinery and equipment for power stations and power grids, modernization of power plants and their equipment, providing principles for the construction and start-up of the large generation units, laboratory testing of equipment and electrical appliances). The Institute carries out advanced research on the development of new energy technologies: electricity generation from biomass (combustion, gasification), clean coal technologies (coal and biomass co-firing, gasification, oxy-combustion, CO2 capture, NOx reduction), solid-oxide fuel cells, wind power, smart energy networks and advanced ceramic materials.
The Institute is well recognized energy research and development centre in Europe. Since 2010 is a member of the Executive Committee of EERA (European Energy Research Alliance). It also participates in committees and working groups of CIGRE, WEC (World Energy Council), IEC technical committees, as well as in the Energy Program Committee of the 7th Framework Programme of EC.
Institute of Power Engineering offers cooperation in developing and implementing new projects towards the development of energy technologies, as well as high-quality expertise, technical testing and analysis for the energy sector.
The Institute's research groups are involved in numerous international research projects of  Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (currently DEMOYS, EFFECTS, FC-EuroGrid, FC-DISTRICT, SOFCOM, SENERES, SECTOR, HYPER, RELCOM), the Research Fund for Coal and Steel (SMARTBURN, FLOXCOAL II) and the Central Europe Programme (4BIOMASS). The Institute also realizes a number of nationwide projects funded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and implements research works for the industry (eg. biomass cofiring).

Haute Ecole Spécialisée de Suisse Occidentale (HES)

The Haute Ecole Spécialisée de Suisse Occidentale  participates to the ONSITE project by the Haute Ecole d’Ingénierie et de Gestion of canton de Vaud (HEIG-VD). The HEIG-VD based in Yverdon-les-Bains offers 8 subjects in the HES (Haute Ecole Spécialisée) formation within the engineering and management studies field. With its 1600 students, the school is the biggest to be in partnership with the Haute Ecole Spécialisée de Suisse Occidentale (HES-SO).
The HEIG-VD mission is to prepare executives, whom are more and more needed, for industry, administrations, technical and commercial offices.
In order to acquire competence and to collaborate with economy, the HEIG-VD settled down a structure to answer to the actual and future challenges in the field of the Ra&D (projects of Applied Research and Development & Service).  The HEIG-VD, with 12 R&D institutes, is a catalyst for the innovation:

  • CHF 16 millions of Ra&D contracts per year
  • 281 engineers and economists implied in the R&D

The Centre d’Etudes et de TransfertsTechnologiques insures the recovery of modern technologies, of sciences and of concepts from the research institutes.
L’Institut de GénieThermique (IGT) is one of the 12 active institutes in the Ra&D and services. It is composed of 5 separated entities:
TIS: ThermiqueIndustrielle et Système - Prof. Dr. O. Sari
LESBAT: Laboratoired’EnergieSolaire et Physique du Bâtiment - Prof. Dr. S. Citherlet
SIT: Simulation des SystèmesThermiques - Prof. Dr. P. Egolf
SIB: SystèmesIndustriels de Bioénergie - Prof. Dr. J.-B. Michel
LPTherm: Laboratoire des ProcessusThermiques - Chargé de cours N. Weber
The IGT Director is Mr Nicolas Weber.
The participation of the IGT in the ONSITE project is insured by LPTherm. The LPTherm has been created in 2007, after the transfer of the Swiss TS and ASIT (Association Suisse d’Inspections Techniques) activities in the French-speaking Switzerland. The main activities of LPTherm are formation (education), assessment, advising, development and the measuring of thermal performance of the industrial installations.

LPTherm and its collaborators are 15-year experienced in the performances measuring and in the characterization of thermal installations. This experience has first been acquired through ASIT, and then transferred and completed by HEIG-VD.

Here are the European projects lead by the IGT

  • Réfrigération magnétique: Démonstrateur de rafraichisseur de boissons fonctionnant au moyen de la réfrigération magnétique du professeur O. Sari du laboratoire TIS
  • Cleantech-Emploisverts en cours d’acceptation du laboratoire LPTherm de N. Weber


  • Holistic energy-efficient retrofitting of residential buildings: “HERB “

FP7-2012-NMP-ENV-ENERGY-ICT-EeB du Professeur O. Sari du laboratoire TIS

  • Projet ORION “Digestion biogas” N° Grant Agreement 282693 du laboratoire SIB du professeur J.-B. Michel


CNR, Istituto di Tecnologie Avanzate per l'Energia "Nicola Giordano" - Via S. Lucia sopra Contesse n, 5 - 98126 S. Lucia, Messina, Italty - P.I. 02118311006