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work in progress

new energy world

  • WP1 acts as a steering, controlling and linking unit governing the other activities and is the interface to FCH JU;
  • WP2 is the planning and designing “authority”;
  • WP3 is dedicated to optimize and develop further existing SOFC technology to achieve improved performance, in particular longer life and lower cost. Along with this the most favourable manufacturing processes will be sought, identified and implemented;
  • WP4 comprises all the needed activities to boost the BoP components development, adaptation, customization:
    - dealing with the adaptation of commercial high temperature batteries to allow their integration into the planned system
    - developing and manufacturing the power electronics necessary to link the SOFC and battery sub-components of the system on one side and to link the system to the grid on the other side
    - arranging a multi-level agent controller for the whole SOFC-ZEBRA CHP system;

  • WP5 comprises the integration of all components to the fully operational system, the acceptance test and the final packaging in a complete integrated containerized system;
  • WP6 will prove the system in field tests in a real world environment at a telecommunication site and evaluate the results and feed them into WP2 were the techno-economic studies including life cycle cost analyses will take place;
  • WP7 consists of in-depth market analysis and dissemination activities to spread the project progress and results through programmed events, an all-embracing website and a dedicated workshop to show the main project results to the TLC and H&FC communities.


CNR, Istituto di Tecnologie Avanzate per l'Energia "Nicola Giordano" - Via S. Lucia sopra Contesse n, 5 - 98126 S. Lucia, Messina, Italty - P.I. 02118311006